Finally In Control

I feel amazing now that I am sober. At my lowest point, I felt like I lost control of my life and was in cruise control. I took social/casual drinking with friends and turned it into a binge every time I took a sip of alcohol. Since I have became sober, I am healthier and have found the love of my life. I never would have met her if I was at the bar every weekend like I used to do. 

Outlook is completely different now than it was on day 1. Day 1 I was ashamed and embarrassed of what I have become. I completely shut myself down and away from people. I realized I needed to make a change. Now I feel like I can tackle more obstacles with my sobriety. I was able to overcome addiction...I have used this journey to allow me to take on more challenges. It is refreshing hearing people say you inspire them. If I can change one persons life by telling my story of sobriety then it is all worth it. 

– Ryan • 4 Years Sober