#3. . . Life Truly Is Beautiful

Though I may not be recovering from an addiction, I am recovering from depression. 3 failed attempts at suicide have made me re-evaluate my life and my purpose in this world. I still struggle from time to time with my worth in this world, but I know this is something I can overcome with time and support. One thing I learned after attempt #3 - hope is always there.

Andrea- Living Life

My Life Isn't Controlled By My Scale

I was a 5'7 18 year old girl who was 113lbs and lived on the scale. That number determines if I was going to have a good or bad day. I would starve myself for days because I didn't feel worthy enough to eat. Not until I lose more weight. I was too weak to do things and always sick. I am now a 145lbs 23 year old women who is a Self love coach and help humans be reminded everyday that they are enough no matter what that number is on the scale.

Kayla- Beautifully Myself

Writing In Recovery

I told them not to call my dad because it was his birthday. They did anyway. I was then but on an adivanbenzodiazepine taper. For 13 days. I was in and out of consciousness and lost all my motor skills. I did physical therapy to get them all back as I was getting healthier . I cried when I could write my name in full sentences. I couldn't do that for years because of my constant shaking.

- Kaitlyn, Recovering One Letter At A Time. A,B,C.