A New Voyage Has Started

The start of the Sober Voyager & S.V. Foundation

Yesterday, on April 16th, I celebrated three years of sobriety. Three of the most care free, spiritually rewarding, and self-accomplishing years of my life.  Today, I am happy to share with you that the Sober Voyager, and the S.V. Foundation are officially picking up our first token and celebrating the first day in what I will be an incredible journey helping others.  From today on, I am happy that with each new year of sobriety I will be celebrating another year with the S.V.


As a friend wrote me this morning “Congrats on three years.  To each and every year from here on out!”  This company, my foundation, is a personal extension of my own story of sobriety. Understanding what it means to live life without actually living your life gives me the unique perspective of what happiness truly is. Each day while using my life was filled with guilt, sadness, and a world consumed with doubt. My entire life revolved around my next drink.  I can admit that I was utterly and completely powerless to my disease of alcoholism.  With the start of the Sober Voyager and continuing to focus on my own health and sobriety I once again feel alive.  Ironically, with the celebration of Easter on my own sobriety date, one could say I literally resurrected from the dead when I took my last drink three years ago.


My goal, and the role of the Sober Voyager is to ignite a movement to help individuals who are trapped by their own addiction.  Starting the first week of May 2017, I am embarking on my own voyage to connect with other individuals suffering from addiction issues.  I am walking away from my own personal safety net so that I too can continue grow.  Starting in May, over the next 50 weeks I will be traveling to all 50 states marking off bucket-list items and connecting with people just like me.  This journey is to prove to the 25-year-old me that was once lost and hopeless that through recovery anything is possible in my life.


I have some lofty goals for both the Sober Voyager and the S.V. Foundation. Individually I honestly don’t know how many people I will be able to help, but together, I know we can make a huge impact in the world we live in.  Each and every morning when we wake up we have a choice to fight our addiction, at least for today.  When I put on my recovery bracelet, see a friend wearing their support bracelet, or a loved one honoring  someone who lost the battle to their addiction I know that we are all fighting to combat this disease together.  Choice is the true meaning behind the Sober Voyager.  Without choice, we are powerless.


Like your story, or mine, the S.V. is unique. We are the first company & foundation combined that focuses both on helping individuals receive rehab while spearheading our efforts through our Mock-tails, Coffee & Edibles initiative to promote getting back to living life once more. Through the help of our friends in the recovery community, and the amazing companies who are now a part of our foundation together we are helping family and friends, co-workers and loved ones getting back to living life once more.


I ask that if you have ever been trapped by this disease or know someone who has you share my message of hope and recovery.  I ask that you take the pledge to wear your addiction rather than hiding from it.  I ask that you support your friends, co-worker, brother or sister.  I ask that you pay it forward as 10% of all sales goes towards offering rehabiliton for a struggling addict who otherwise could not afford the help they desperately need. I too was once lost and hopeless. I once woke up in darkness, but the world I live in today is full of color and life!


Follow our story on IG: @sobervoyager and use #sobervoyager or #wearyouraddiction to be featured on our web-page. 


As always, keep up the good fight and continue to follow me on my own personal voyage starting the first week of May in Kentucky!  There may or may not be Mint Juleps (mock-tail style) and Ponies involved.