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Vatican City, Italy. 3 years of sobriety bucket list trip with my mother. 

Vatican City, Italy. 3 years of sobriety bucket list trip with my mother. 

The Sober Voyager, a bold new way to fight addiction.                        

-The back story of the Sober Voyager

Prior to becoming sober, I honestly didn't understand how I wanted to perceive what faith meant in my own life. Over the past year, I've had to ask myself on multiple occasions, how did you arrive to the decision that you wanted to make the Sober Voyager your entire life? Faith. I don't ever really ask how it works, I just know it does. Typically in those moments, I've often thought back to the morning of 4-16, sitting in a jail cell, wondering what had become of my life.  Like all stories, I believe if willing, they were meant to be re-written. That was not just the last day that I took a drink, but my first day towards the life I live today. This company, my story, has been a combination of both failures and triumphs. Today, I live a life that is filled with hope, love, ambition, and most of all, faith. 

Like my own recovery story, there is no perfect way to manage your addiction, but through the faith of others, and myself, I have avoided having a drink, and that is the most important thing to me.  I've now poured my entire story into each piece of this company. Our collections, the branding of the company, and the way I approach each partnerships is a reflection of how I have personally stayed sober. Becoming honest, and realistic about my own sobriety, has carried over into every aspect of the S.V.  Each piece within the Sober Voyager's collection is a direct extension of the stories I've heard throughout my own sobriety. They are a combination of the failures, and the triumphs that comes with managing your addiction.  Joining the Sober Voyager is much more than buying a piece of jewelry, it is a commitment to fighting this disease. Each time I personally wear my recovery bracelet, it is a reminder of just how far I have come in my own journey over the past three years.  The moment I choose to put on my bracelet, it is an empowering moment, it is a choice, a choice to fight my disease for today. 

         Many things have changed over the past three years, but the one constant in my life, taking one day at a time to focus on my own recovery.  Like many people who suffer from this disease, the story of this company, my story, started several years before my first drink. As a young child, I was sexually abused from an extended family member.  Although I didn’t fully understand what had happened to me at such an early age, I knew exactly how it made me feel.  It wasn’t until I was 21 years of age when I first spoke about this incident to my family.  Those feeling of insecurities, and depression, created several bad habits such as becoming a really bad liar. Although I still find myself falling back into my old habits at times, through sobriety, I’ve found it easier to make amends towards my own faults. It was at a very early age when viewed my own appearance, and personal traits, as damaged goods. These images of imperfections, which were embedded in my own twisted thought process, led me to being afraid to let anyone into his life. Through these early insecurities, I found my escape from reality in alcohol.

            On April 16th, I will have the honor to share my own story with the world through my e-commerce site, the Sober Voyager.  My faith keeps me pushing towards the goal of celebrating many years of sobriety on the same date that S.V. can celebrate all the lives we helped to restore.  The focus of this company was based on simple principle, a quote I read from Albert Einstein. “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.  The Sober Voyager, and my sister company, the S.V. Foundation, is taking a bold new approach to recovery.  I believe that fighting addiction is more than just providing quality care through a rehabilitation center. The core of the Sober Voyager is a combination of my own trials and tribulations of my own recovery.

            The primary focus of both the Sober Voyager, and the S.V. Foundation, is to provide financial assistance for struggling individuals who can’t afford quality rehabilitation for their addiction. Throughout every aspect of his company, and the foundation, you will find me trying my best to give back to those who are struggling to overcome this disease. Although my own personal platform is alcohol, the Sober Voyager is dedicated to fighting all forms of addiction. The overall objective for this E-commerce site was to create a resource, tool, community of supporters for the entirety of one’s journey through recovery.  I believe that most foundations, resources centers, and social platforms dedicated for recovery, only focuses on one or two areas of recovery. While this is a great first step, I personally don’t believe that the rehabilitation piece is where we need to stop the healing.  Therefore, I started the Sober Voyager to partner with the S.V. Foundation.  

            The concept of the Sober Voyager, which uses #wearyouraddiction, started when I found myself during early recover reaching in my pocket to touch and hold my AA recovery tokens.  I found that holding, or touching a tangible item, such as my tokens, created a sense of empowerment and confidence. This new found feeling of hope, which lead to me staying in the moment, curved the need to escape behind my addiction. I recall how those moments of empowerment and the feeling of safety and security were the building block moments that lead me to understand that my addiction was a choice.  Embracing an item, such as my tokens, were the inspiration behind creating the four collections inside of the Sober Voyager.  H.R.I.E, represented through our logo, are the four words that represents the core of this company.

Help – Remember – Inspire - Encourage

·      Help: Our Recovery Collection is a symbolic journey of your story. Focused on helping individuals in active recovery, each colored bead represents the tokens you collect during your first year in recovery. 

·      Remember: Our Memory Collection is about honoring those individuals who have lost the battle to addiction. A single strand of black beads, this collection is our way to keep the memories of loved ones alive. 

·      Inspire: Our Hope Collection is our way to show addicts that they are not in this fight alone. Worn by supporters, this is the bracelet that symbolizes hope, recovery, support, and acknowledgment of this disease.

·      Encourage: Our Support Collection was created to show empathy and love throughout the entirety of one’s journey. Addiction is a lifelong battle, both for the addict, and the family and friends who are touched by this disease through one’s addiction.

            Each item in the Sober Voyager’s collection was created to represent my token experience. I feel that each time you are willing to wear one of the S.V.’s pieces, you’re consciously acknowledging the fact that you’re willing to fight your addiction.  I wanted to create wearable pieces that are a reminder to stay in the moment. Each item you wear speaks to the heart of the Sober Voyager’s story.  The word, or collection you wear, is more about facing your addiction head on, rather than hiding from it. Fighting this disease can’t be done alone.  It is fought through the willingness of the addict himself, and the people that they surround themselves with.  

            I wanted to create a platform that I could give back to the community that has embraced me with open arms. The fight against this disease is never fully curable, but always maintainable. Therefore, I have pledged to give back 10% of all sales to fund the rehabilitation of a struggling addict. My brand, the Sober Voyager, and the S.V. Foundation, is about helping people take their first steps towards recovery.  If I have learned anything over the past three years, it is that I can’t do this alone. I hope that you join our movement to help restore the lives that have been affected by this disease.