Providing recovery one bracelet at a time.      


A.D.R. is much more than a token to be worn; it's a lifestyle, A Daily Reminder that recovery is possible from alcoholism, drug addiction, disordered eating and eating disorders, cancer and other illnesses. A tribe recovering from the loss of a loved one, depression, being bullied, codependency, suicidal thoughts, and various other mental illnesses. Together, we heal from physical, sexual and emotional abuse, self-harm, and self-judgment. We recover from toxic friendships, dysfunctional work environments, unhealthy relationships, and broken marriages. We are a tribe improving from yesterday, growing today, recovering for tomorrow.

Our story started in recovery, and that is where we want to grow our mission. We handmake each of our bracelets with individuals in active treatment, allowing us to connect, inspire, and heal together.          




A Daily Reminder that all forms of Recovery is possible


Honoring our friend's and loved one's story.


A message to remind us that recovery is possible


A token to be worn by friend's for a friend.

Introducing our newest collection; "Be at One"  Represented through the colors of our natural elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water.