One Man, One Van, Countless Stories

"My rock bottom was the solid foundation on which I have rebuilt my life" J.K.Rowling


Some beautiful
paths can't be discovered without getting lost.

I'm Jesse, and my story is perfectly imperfect. Since I have become sober, I strive to live a life that is true to myself, not the life others expect of me. Steve Jobs once said; "our time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life."  With no regret, I am now living my life on the road, connecting, sharing, growing. Many things have changed in my life over the past three years, but one thing has never waivered.  It was in the words of a stranger that helped to get me sober, and now it's the words of the people that I am meeting on the road that is keeping me sober.


Follow My Journey: Life of the Sober Voyager

Currently traveling 50 states in 50 weeks, from music festivals, to art shows, yoga retreats, and sporting events, my goal is to inspire others to choose to live the life that you want to live.

With each new state, city, and community that I visit, my personal goal is to connect with a new A.A meeting, recovery event, or try my best to make a new friend who is suffering just a bit more than I am today.

  • Louisville KY | May 6–7
    Kentucky Oaks & Derby

  • Bowling Green, KY | May 15
    2nd Annual Recovery Walk
    Warren Country Drug Court

  • Gulf Shores, AL | May 18–21
    Hangout Music Festival

  • Amarillo Texas I May 23rd Cadillac Ranch  

  • Grand Canyon South Rim | May 24th
    Sunrise Hike (Same Spot Shared With Pops)

  • George WA | May 26–28
    Sasquatch Festival

  • Olympic National Park | June 1 Mount Ellinor Hike

  • Cannon Beach | June 3 & 4th
    Haystack Rock & Pacific 1 Highway Drive

  • Redwood National Park | June 7th
    A Meaningful Bucket-list Hike 

  • Las Vegas NV | June 15–18
    Electric Daisy Festival

  • Las Vegas NV | June 15–18
    Electric Daisy Festival

  • Zion National Park | June 20th
    Angels Landing Hike (117 Degree Day) 

  • Bryce Canyon Nation Park | June 21st
    Navajo Trail & Sunset at Inspiration Point

  • San Fran CA |  June 24       Pride Festival with the Johnny Squire Foundation & family.

  • Louisville KY | July 3-4th    LIBA: Shop Local Fair

  • Louisville KY | July 14-16th
    Forecastle Festival

  • Louisville KY | July 14-16thForecastle Festival

  • So. California | Aug. 2nd- 14th
    Recovery & Mocktails-

  • So. California I Aug 13th       Rose Bowl Market

  • Montana . Wyoming . Idaho I Aug 15-18th                  Exploring Yellowstone & Big Sky Co.

  • Portland OR I Aug. 21st              Eclipse 2017 with my friends, Dande & the Lion

  • Nevada | Aug. 27–September 4
    Burning Man, an expression of life.

  • So. California | Sept 7-16th     Exploration of San Diego - Recovery in Southern California & Nocturnal Wonderland  

  • Nashville, TN I Sept. 24-25    Pilgrimage Music Festival

  • Philadelphia PA | Sept. 30th     Wanderlust 108  

  • Louisville KY | October 6-8th
    St. James Art Festival

  • Louisville KY I October 22nd    Wanderlust 108

  • Lexington KY I November 2-3rd  Peppermints and Pearls

  • Orlando FL | November 10-11th  EDC Orlando

  • Lexington KY | December 1-3rd   Holly Day Market

  • Louisville KY I December 8-10th Louisville Holiday Market 

  • Louisville KY | New Years
    Celebrating with our Friends & Family