What we stand for

We understand that not one recovery story is the same. We recover from alcoholism and drug addiction, codependency,  disordered eating and eating disorders, imperfections and perfectionism. We recover from depression and other mental illness, anxiety, stress, trauma, grief, physical, sexual and emotional abuse, self-harm, cancer and chronic illness. A.D.R. is a tribe recovering from yesterday, healing for today, living for tomorrow. 



Each piece in our collection serves as a specific token, or daily reminder that recovery is possible.  On April 16, 2014 determined to no longer be powerless to his disease, A.D.R's founder, the @Sobervoyager decided on to replace the bottle with faith, food, music, and adventure.

Nearly four years prior to the inception of A.D.R it was a stranger who invested his time into helping our founder seek treatment.

Today, we invest our net proceeds from your order to provide treatment to our communities' most at-risk and vulnerable citizens. 


"Once lost and hopeless, powerless to my disease, I was 25 years young when I hit rock bottom. Financially and mentally incapable of helping myself, it was the generosity of a complete stranger in recovery that helped me regain back my life through proper treatment, support, friendship, and being an example that recovery is possible. I started A.D.R and the S.V. Foundation to help others that are currently walking down the same path I once walked." - The Sober Voyager