The Story of the Sober Voyager

I wouldn't wish my story on my worst enemy, and yet, I wouldn't trade it for the life of me.  What I once considered my greatest weakness, a disease I was once powerless too, I now consider my greatest strength. On 4-16-17, coinciding with three years of recovery, I felt obligated to go help the 25-year-old me that once lost and hopeless, and I do that best through A.D.R and the S.V. Foundation.


The inspiration behind creating A.D.R (A Daily Reminder) was to give a bit more hope, a reminder, a token to be worn not just for myself, but for others that have either walked, or are currently walking down the same path that I once did. A.D.R for friends and family members to encourage and inspire. A.D.R that there is hope to live the life that you want to live. A.D.R that Recovery is possible.  



A.D.R to Help.

It was a complete strangers story that helped to open my eyes towards the life that I wanted to live. Because of my own story, and how much my token has meant to me in my recovery, I wanted to create A.D.R that could be worn proudly, not hidden away in my pocket, a symbolic journey of my own story, represented through the Recovery Collection.


A.D.R to Remember.

It is difficult not to get emotional over our remembrance collection, because I have felt what it is like to live powerless. This collection was create for A.D.R to honor those individuals in your life who's chapters were ended much too short. Our remembrance collection is my way of asking you to pick back up the pin and continuing to write the story of your friends and family, in your own words, to help guide and help others.   


A.D.R to Inspire.

Finding a powerful saying, a meaningful word, a token representing your story can help pull anyone out of the darkest moments in life, it did for me.  Our Hope Collection was created as A.D.R. of the message being worn is a reminder of who you are, want to be, and most importantly, that you are never alone. We want to not only inspire you, but for you to inspire others.


A.D.R to Encourage.

Life can feel lonely at times, for everyone. At rock bottom it was difficult to hear the support that was around me, and this is why I wanted to create A.D.R for friends and family, those in recovery, or anyone that is willing to show empathy and love throughout the entirety of one’s journey. Addiction is a lifelong battle, and this collection is to be worn as A.D.R to never give up, a token of constant encouragement.  


My story, choosing to become the Sober Voyager


Addiction does not discriminate towards any one race, social status, or gender. It took a village of friends, family members, and complete strangers that helped me to become the Sober Voyager, and in return, I pledge to help individuals that want to embraced life in recovery. In an effort to help grow the mission of the S.V. Foundation, 10% of all sales will be paid forward to helping those in need.

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