Inspired by a families unwavering love, a strangers willingness to share his recovery story, and determined to no longer be powerless to his disease, A.D.R's founder, the @Sobervoyager decided on April 16, 2014 to replace the bottle with faith, food, music, and adventure.

Nearly four years prior to the inception of A.D.R it was a stranger who invested his time into helping our founder seek treatment.

Today, we invest 50% of net proceeds from your order to provide treatment to our communities' most at-risk and vulnerable citizens. We believe the best investment in life is to invest in another human being.


"Once lost and hopeless, powerless to my disease, I was 25 years young when I hit rock bottom. Financially and mentally incapable of helping myself, it was the generosity of a complete stranger in recovery that helped me regain back my life through proper treatment, support, friendship, and being an example that recovery is possible. I started A.D.R and the S.V. Foundation to help others that are currently walking down the same path I once walked." - The Sober Voyager